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A Special Letter to Melissa

Dear Melissa,

As you represent the United States and compete as a member of our swim team at the 2008 Paralympic Games, I am delighted to extend to you my heartfelt support and best wishes for much success.

In Beijing and beyond, I know you’ll pursue every goal with hard work and honor. At this year’s Games in particular, I hope you will race with pride in having confronted and conquered some of the life’s greatest challenges. As a student, soldier, athlete, and advocate, you have devoted yourself to serving our country and the ideal of freedom for which it stands. You exemplify good citizenship, courage, and determination, and you embody the very finest attributes that we, as Americans, have to offer others.

Congratulations on your accomplishments so far, and I look forward to hearing about those which lie ahead. Until then, go for the gold — I’ll be pulling for you all the way!

Bill Clinton

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A big thanks to Kay at teejunkie.com for writing about the Melissa Stockwell shirt. It looks like we robbed the potential spot reserved for some other t-shirt, from some other company, by coincidentally being on top of our email-response/having graphics ready-to-send game. We’re fine with that.. because, as you all know, Melissa deserves the recognition!!

Thanks again to teejunkie for writing an awesome post [sans the gay jokes]. haha

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Compter Screen to Silk Screen, Pixels to Ink

I present to you, the Melissa Stockwell inspired TakePride 'Stronger' shirt. Available at TakePride.com:

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